On Christian Nazism and Neonazism. The alt-right. On the Christian Final Solution. Apocalyptic beliefs. On Hitler, Trump and the Messianic complex. A communist perspective

On Christian Nazism, Neonazism and the “Final Solution” of the Christians; i.e., apocalyptic holy war, the extermination of non-believers, and the establishment of the “1000 year reich of a Christian” “king of kings (i.e., an imperialistic theocratic dictator),” with a “new name.” On Armageddon and the US-Saudi state-terrorists.

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In the 1930s and 40s the vast majority of the German population were Christians. Hitler seemed to personally hold the Christian religion in contempt, but he was obviously aware that Germany was a Christian nation and that his populist propaganda had to appeal to a Christian people and to their messianic Christian expectations, and in his public propaganda Hitler presented himself as a Christian holy warrior and he presented the Nazi party as a Christian party. Similarly today in America, Donald Trump, who is a mob-connected, casino-owning, gangster-capitalist, a con-man and a compulsive liar also seems to be fully aware that he has to present himself to Christian America as a Christian, and he has even stated that nobody loves the Bible more than he does. Trump may appear to his critics as being stupid in many ways, but I doubt if he is stupid enough to be a Christian. Although Trump is widely ridiculed for his many imbecilic statements, tweets and compulsive lying, he is nevertheless, in common with Hitler, an effective propagandist. Trump appeals to the bigoted, nationalistic, Christian Neonazis, and by the term “Christian Neonazis,” I use this term to refer to all Christians with messianic and apocalyptic beliefs. Hitler was just one of numerous Christian kings and kings of kings throughout history who attempted to wage an apocalyptic holy war.


According to a US Pew poll about 40% of the US adult population expect the Apocalypse and the coming of a Christian messiah to happen soon, or within the next few decades, and it is to these primitive religious savages whom Trump’s propaganda appeals, as these Christian Neonazis are not awaiting a homeless, illiterate exorcist; they are awaiting a “king of kings” who will wage apocalyptic holy war and reduce the world to a post-apocalyptic dystopia which will allegedly be followed by the 1000 year Christian reich. In the Bible, even King Cyrus of Persia was referred to as a messiah, and Cyrus was not even an acolyte of the religion of the ancient Israelites, just as Trump does not have any signs of actually being a Christian, though his executive branch of government is full of apocalyptic Christian fanatics like his vice-president Mike Pence and secretary of state Mike Pompeo. The recent Bush-Cheney movie “Vice” suggests that Cheney, Bush and other Republicans were just appealing to the Neofascist Christians of America for propaganda purposes, and Trump seems to be playing the same game; however Pence and Pompeo seem to have all the signs of genuine apocalyptic Christian Neonazis. Generally, apocalyptic and messianic Christian Neonazis do not seem to like to be referred to as Christian Neonazis, but they have all the hallmarks of Christian Neonazis. You can refer to an apple as a banana, but it does not alter the nature of the apple; similarly you can refer to the Christian Neonazis as the “alt-right,” but it does not change the nature of the Christian Neonazis, and so I just prefer to refer to them as Christian Neonazis, as that is what they are; irrespective of whether or not they object to the term.


The Myth of National Socialism.

The myth that the Nazis were socialists was debunked long ago in the 1940’s by studies of the actual nature of the German economy, but the myth remains among the uneducated masses who are unaware of the corporate capitalist nature of the Nazi economic system. Certainly, Hitler used socialist rhetoric in his propaganda, just as Trump’s propaganda seeks to appeal to the American proletariat, but Trump is just an ally of the super-rich and the corporations, just as Hitler was. There was, of course, a section of the Nazi party who were radical socialists. Socialists such as Ernst Rohm, the head of the SA (i.e., the Nazi militia), and many other socialist Nazis wished to see a socialist Germany with nationalised industries, and where the aristocracy and the corporate capitalists were stripped of their wealth and land. There was not a great of difference between the political philosophy of Rohm and his communist enemies; the main difference seems to have been that Rohm was a racist, anti-Jewish and a German nationalist. Hitler’s alliances with German capitalists enraged Ernst Rohm and other socialists in the Nazi party, and Rohm became highly critical of Hitler, who eventually had Rohm and his major allies executed in 1934 in the infamous “Night of the Long Knives.” Thereafter Hitler embarked on a major privatisation program, selling off government assets to the German capitalists. By the time that WW2 was coming to its end, the Nazis had a network of almost 500 slave-labour camps, and about 25% of all German workers were slave labourers and about 75% of the government’s budget was being spent on the military; this is how the Nazis eliminated unemployment. Nazi economics in practice was a form of gangster-corporate-capitalism which profited from warfare and human labour slavery. Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List” portrays this kind of corrupt alliance between the Nazis and German capitalists. Similarly today in America, many of its politicians are little more than the bribed and corrupted servants of their corporate masters and of the profiteers of war.


The Apocalypse. Armageddon.

In our modern world the US-Saudi state-terrorists/narco-terrorists and their proxy armies of Sunni militia such as Al Qaeda and its clones such as ISIS constitute the main terrorist organisation on Earth. The wars of the US Christian Neonazis and their allies have been ongoing since the end of WW2, and the US is today the major imperialist power on Earth. The apocalyptic Christian Nazis have not disappeared; they just have taken on new names, new uniforms and new titles.


The Neonazis of America in the modern world now have nuclear weapons and superior weaponry to the German Nazis of WW2, but then so do their enemies.


The apocalyptic and messianic Neonazi Christians of America may well get the apocalyptic and nuclear terrorist war which they so badly hope for and pray for; but I predict that they won’t like it. Woe to the American Christians.

hitler-i-intend-to-set-up-a-thousand-year-reich-and-anyone-who-supports-me-in-this-battle-is-adolf-hitler-55-12-33 (1)

The prophets of the gods of war are very useful for the masters of war who are the profiteers of the endless profits of endless war.

“War is not meant to be won; it is meant to be endless.”

Words are weapons. Propaganda is the first stage of real war.

Lucifer 2018



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